Hello, my name is Ben Doan
I'm a programmer and a student


Ben Doan - 2014-05-01 - License | Tagged: python programming

Colophon: a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer's emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing.

This site was previously using a python static site generator called Pelican. It let me setup a modular theme with jinja2 for my portfolio, but it wasn't flexible enough when I wanted to extend the site and add a blog. During my remake I end up using Flask and Frozen-Flask which are at the opposite end of the flexibility spectrum. Frozen flask lets you build a static site with a normal web framework like Flask, with full control over routing and resource management.

In addition to Flask I'm using a module called Flask FlatPages which handles the loading of posts from markdown files. The module is a bit heavy for what I'm using for, so I have plans to just replicate its functionality separately.

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