Hello, my name is Ben Doan
I'm a programmer and a student


Ben Doan - 2014-04-04 - License | Tagged: general programming

I'm a rising sophomore studying computer science at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. I'm interested in programming and web development, and I have a few open source projects that I've created while learning.

I started programming during my sophomore year of high school, and I've been an avid programmer ever since. I started out doing basic Java and web development with PHP in a LAMP stack. Since then I've dabbled in a lot of languages including C++, Bash, Scala and Javascript, but most of my projects have been written in Python, including this website. I'm currently working as a Software Engineering intern at Raytheon in Omaha doing weather server development in enterprise Java.

This website is a custom statically generated site built with Flask, Frozen-Flask and Skeleton. Blog posts are written in markdown and collated when the website is built. The MIT licensed source code is available on my github.

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